Impact at Work

What is the Impact at Work Program?

Net Impact Seattle’s Impact at Work program helps working professionals (or intrapreneurs, as they’re sometimes called) use their day jobs to make a difference in the world. This six-month program provides a toolkit, mentorship, workshops, and a peer community to support you as you implement, manage and report on your impact at work.


Who Should Apply?

Do you find yourself sitting in meetings daydreaming of more eco-friendly ways to do things at your workplace? Or how to engage your colleagues in a community outreach project? Or where to get the support and resources you need to launch a waste reduction program at your organization? Then you are likely an Intrapreneur and this program is for you.


How To Get Started

Please reach out to the IAW co-chairs Arthur Peterson or Matt Duncan.Time for action!

We know starting a change program within your company can seem overwhelming, especially at a company that lacks a corporate citizenship or stewardship agenda. In our Impact at Work program you’ll develop change management skills, receive guidance from mentors, build strong connections with other like-minded people and receive Net Impact certification upon completion of your Impact at Work project.


It’s time to take action on your killer ideas…

  • Run a recycling project and measure your company’s waste reduction

  • Implement sustainable computing using new monitoring technology

  • Start a volunteer program in support of a non-profit partnership

  • Solve a business pain though a new socially beneficial procurement process

  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint via a new commuter program​


2014 Program at a Glance