Staff Picks 

Here is a list of our staff picks - our favorite places to visit online for information around sustainability.


Sarah Weldon (President, Net Impact Seattle)


  1. The Business Model Generation: This website, mobile app, and hard copy book provides helpful frameworks for thinking through your idea and helping you develop a modular business plan. You can even apply it to your own career.

  2. The power of habit: This was a great book to help you think of how to change habits(excellent skill for change management towards sustainability), but the website also lists additional useful resources.

  3. Cubical Warrior: a fun inspirational website to help you question the status quo!



Ryan Shawhan (Vice-President, Net Impact Seattle)


  1. Boston College Center for Corporate CitizenshipThe Center combines the most valuable aspects of a professional community and the resources of a leading academic institution for our members. BCCCC integrates the perspectives and experience of some of the leading corporate citizenship professionals in the field today with management best practices, helping organizations align their corporate citizenship objectives and business goals.

  2. FSG: FSG believes that solving the world’s most challenging societal problems requires new ways of thinking, acting, and partnering. By engaging with different actors to support research, garner insights, and to share ideas, FSG works collectively to discover new ways to solve social problems. They achieve impact through our consulting services, field and grant-funded research, partnerships, events, communities of practice, and published work.

  3. helps nonprofit organizations succeed, by leveraging technology to accelerate their charitable efforts. When you join, you join with thousands of nonprofits, volunteers, businesses and donors working together to change the world!



Julia Maddox (Board Engagement):


  1. Ashoka: As a startup junkie, I love their innovative approach to solving the world's toughest problems.

  2. Calvert Foundation: I've learned a lot about impact investing through this site.

  3. Mashable's Social Good: A good aggregate news site with stories of businesses and non-profits that are doing amazing things to tackle environmental and social challenges.


Franziska McKay (Marketing)

  1. Sightline Institute: Great resource for daily sustainability news from the Northwest and super interesting reports (i.e. I recommend this article about Ocean Acidification)

  2. Grist: who doesn't enjoy grist for a daily fix on environmental news?

  3. TED talks: best place online to get inspired. One of my all time favorites: Steve Jobs talk "How to live before you die".



Hendrik van Hemert (Partnerships)


  1. Green Tech Media is a great resource for all things clean tech.  Keep on top of activities in the solar, energy efficiency, wind, and smart grid industries.

  2. Rocky Mountain Institute Blog has thoughtful articles on leading edge companies, communities and technologies in the energy space.

  3. Advanced Energy Legislation Tracker is a valuable tool for staying abreast of energy policy changes across the US.




Fauna Samuel (Event Planning)


  1. GreenBiz: Great go-to source for leading green business and sustainability news.

  2. Yale E360: An online magazine offering opinion, analysis, reporting and debate on global environmental issues published by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

  3. Future 500: An NGO that specializes in forging links between corporations and stakeholders to advance global citizenship.