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In order to bring unique and impactful programs and events to the Seattle professional community, we need partners who can support us in a variety of ways. 

A Net Impact Seattle Strategic Partner is an organization that shares Net Impact Seattle’s commitment in inviting local professionals in any role or sector, to explore new paradigms that challenge institutional practices, and make sustainability and social impact synonymous with good business. 

The relationship between Net Impact Seattle and their strategic partners is based on a win-win partnership with a long term perspective that can include the offering of in-kind services, services offered at a reduced fee, financial support or sponsorship from the side of the strategic partner and adding value in terms of endorsement, marketing, PR, and participation at events.

Strategic partnerships are usually 3 years in length.

Strategic Partner Levels


Organizations, associations, think tanks and advocacy groups who are subject matter experts and thought leaders with mission alignment to Net Impact Seattle’s. 


Groups who will promote Net Impact Seattle’s mission, share contacts, provide technical guidance and collaborate on awareness raising activities.


Any organization or company that offers in-kind contributions to Net Impact Seattle Chapter.


This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Food/Beverage donation

  • Space donation

  • Marketing and promotions

  • Office administration (bookkeeping, web hosting, tax filing preparation, etc)


 Any organization or company that offers financial contribution (or in-kind) for a specific event, one-off.


An organization can be an In-Kind Sponsoring partner if they donate venue space for one event hosted by Net Impact Seattle, regardless if their space is free or not since there are opportunity costs to the organization for hosting our event.


Any organization or company that offers a financial contribution to Net Impact Seattle Chapter, that is not ear-marked for any particular event.


This can include sponsorships of series, programs Net Impact Seattle will run or “scholarships” for Net Impact Members to receive discounts/free participation at events.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of Net Impact Seattle, please contact the Leadership Team.

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